Services Offered

1 hour | Starting at $75-$1500
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Exterior Wash and Wax

1 hour | Starting at $80 for small cars
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Interior Cleaning - Shampoo

2 hours | Starting at $149 for small cars
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Express Detail Inside & Out

3 hours | Starting at $249 for small cars
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Vinyl, Leather, Plastic

1 hour | Starting at $129
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Water Spot Remover

2 hours 35 min | Starting at $75 
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Headlight Restoration

1 hour |  Starting at $75 each
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Stage 1 Paint Correction

3 hours | Starting at $160 
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Ceramic Coating - Wheel Rims

2 hours | $50-$200 for a Full Set
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Ceramic Coating - Window

1 hour | $100-$350
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Ceramic Coating

3 years Starting at $750
5 years Starting at $1000
7 years Starting at $1500
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Full Detail

5 hours | $329 for small cars 
$429 for big trucks
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Mini Detail

1 hour 20 min | Starting at $149 for small car
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Mini Detail

If you usually detail and maintain your vehicle regularly, give yourself a pass this time! Let Cory's Mobile Detailing LLC do the dirty work for you.  Try our Clean or Cleaner Wash for a quick, 30 minute scrub.  

Dirt and Grime

Detailing your car isn't always at the top of your to-do list. Try the Cleanest Wash and let us get rid of your daily dirt, grime, spills and stains. You won't believe how good your car will look!

In-Depth Clean

Have you just bought a car or are you thinking of selling? Let us do a complete, deep clean and detail - we'll  make your car look as good as the day it was made. Try our Like Brand New Wash!